There's a lot of history behind Cascadia Films. The earliest inception of the filming company that prides itself on handcrafted films began in Iraq where the companies founder Matt Sagen was stationed  in the United States military.

During his time in a foreign country, Matt observed on patrol how local businesses and people would interact with one another. From watching a store owner laugh with their customers to seeing a small girl shop for groceries, he realized that life needed to be captured on film for others to see. As soon as he was honorably discharged from the military he used his savings to buy his first set of cameras and equipment.

In short, Cascadia Films is about showing people the life well lived. Whether that's doing business marketing films in Port Angeles, Sequim or the Pacfic Northwest or filming your fantasy wedding; we're here with our cameras to document it all for the world to see.

Interested on how we can film your business, wedding or event? Make sure to contact us today.

Matt Sagen, Cinematographer

Matt Sagen, Cinematographer